35. Buildout II: Getting ready for deployment

The starzel-buildout

Have a look at the buildout we use for our projects: https://github.com/starzel/buildout

It has some noteable features:

  • It extends to files on github shared by all projects of the same version

    extends =
  • Minimal work to setup a new project

  • Presets for development, testing, staging and production

A deployment-setup

  • zeoserver and zeoclients
  • haproxy
  • nagios
  • varnish
  • monitoring
  • supervisor
  • backup
  • logrotate
  • precompiler
  • cronjobs

Other tools we use

  • Fabric (manage sites)
  • Sentry (error-monitoring)
  • Ansible (manage and setup servers and tools)
  • Nagios (server-monitoring)
  • jenkins (tests)
  • piwik (statictics)
  • gitlab (code-repo and code-review)
  • redmine (ticket-system and wiki)