22. IDE’s and Editors

Plone consists of more than 20.000 files! You need a tool to manage that. No development environment is complete without a good editor.

People pick editors themselves. Use whatever you are comfortable and productive with. These are the most used editors in the Plone community:

Some features that most editors have in one form or another are essential when developing with Plone.

  • Find in project (SublimeText 3: cmd + shift + f)
  • Find files in Project (SublimeText 3: cmd + t)
  • Find methods and classes in Project (SublimeText 3: cmd + shift + r)
  • Goto Definition (SublimeText3 with codeintel: alt + click)
  • Powerful search & replace

The capability of performing a full text search through the complete Plone code is invaluable. Thanks to omelette, an SSD and plenty of RAM you can search through the complete Plone-code in 3 seconds.


Some Editors/IDEs have to be extend to be fully featured. Here are some packages we recommend when using Sublime Text 3:

  • SublimeCodeIntel (Goto Definition)
  • BracketHighlighter
  • GitGutter
  • FileDiffs
  • SublimeLinter with SublimeLinter-flake8 ...
  • INI (syntax for ini-Files)
  • SideBarEnhancements
  • MacTerminal
  • SyncedSideBar