Plone Training#

A collection of trainings developed and created by the Plone Community.


Development and Customization#

Mastering Plone 6 Development

Mastering Plone 6 teaches the best practices of Plone development. It covers frontend as well as backend development and Volto as well as Plone Classic.

Mastering Plone 5 Development

Mastering Plone 5 is a training intended for people who are new to Plone or want to learn about the best practices of Plone 5 development.

"Through-The-Web" Plone Customization

Create custom content types, a design for a website, layouts for home pages and content types, and custom application logic. All in the browser!

Testing Plone

Best practices for testing Plone add-ons.

Volto, React and Javascript#


Learn React, Redux and React-Router.


Build a custom website using Volto and the Plone REST API.

Volto Hands-On

Learn how to quickly bootstrap and customize a Volto project

Volto Add-ons Development

Build custom Volto add-ons, explore more advanced Volto topics.

Angular SDK for Plone

Building Angular 4 apps using the Plone REST API.


Building static websites with GatsbyJS.

JavaScript For Plone Developers (up to Plone 5)

Learn best practices in JavaScript development, how to develop and test your own patterns, and how to integrate your custom JavaScript applications with Plone.

Technologies will include NPM, Grunt, Patternslib and React.


Plone 6 Classic UI Theming

Theming Plone 6 Cassic

Plone 5 Theming

Create a Diazo-based theme as a Plone 5 add-on.


Plone Deployment

Deploying Plone 6 for production purposes with Ansible and Docker

Deploying and Operating Plone on WSGI

Deploying and Operating Plone on WSGI.

Automating Plone Deployment

How to automate deployment of Plone servers, whether it’s one server or 100.


Plone Workflow

How to create and make optimum use of custom Plone workflows

Migration best practices

Upgrading and migrating Plone sites using collective.exportimport and other methods.

Migrating Content with Transmogrifier

Migrating website content into a Plone site using Transmogrifier

Plone Training Solr

How to add enterprise-grade search to your Plone site.

Build your own webframework from scratch

How to build your own webframework from scracth

Contributing to Plone Trainings Documentation

All about contributing to documentation


How To Give Technical Trainings