This changelog is only very rough. For the full changelog please refer to

1.2.5 (unreleased)

  • Fixes to Advanced Python Training [oz123]
  • Add one more chapter to Advanced Python Training [oz123]
  • Updates and Fixes in the JavaScript training section [staeff]
  • Reorder Javascript exercises [frapell]
  • Add content of Advanced Python Training [oz123]
  • Markup fixes and small edits [jean]
  • different buildout invocation in vagrant setup [tschorr]
  • Bring similar chapters into sync (ttw/mastering) [jean]
  • Add missing Build step [jean]
  • Fix some more Sphinx warnings [jean]
  • Update to ttw-advanced-2 in theming training [jean]
  • Update Mastering Plone Chapters for Ploneconf 2017 and use Plone 5.1rc1 [pbauer]
  • More formatting, markup and editing [jean]
  • Update link [sgrepos]
  • Add angular training [barbichu, fulv]
  • Fix some IDs and filename references [jean]
  • Update and restructure theming documentation. [tmassman, RobZoneNet]
  • Fix some IDs and filename references [jean]
  • Use correct links for ZCA itself and its usage in Pyramid, as well in translation files. [stevepiercy]
  • Update Features training to reflect that Dexterity is now supported by Working Copy Support and Placeful Workflow. [robinsjm2]
  • Fix a typo [staeff, b4oshany]
  • Fix typos, improve wording [svx]
  • Clarify which template we’re editing [djowett]
  • Fix typos [tkimnguyen]
  • Fix Sphinx warnings emitted on clean build [stevepiercy]
  • Update README.rst to refer to how to build the docs locally. [stevepiercy]
  • Add [stevepiercy]
  • Move PloneConf 2016 to Previous Trainings [stevepiercy]
  • Update JavaScript training with latest exercises and documentation using collective.jstraining [vangheem]
  • Update theming training to reflect the changes in bobtemplates.plone and general cleanup, also add refs to ttw training, remove usage of resource registry for theming [MrTango]
  • Add solr training [tomgross]
  • Rearrange structure so Mastering Plone now lives in it’s own folder. [pbauer]
  • Fix directions which led to duplicate resourcess being delivered Closes [davilima6]
  • Plone Doc Style for Javascript part. [jensens]
  • Add spell-checker, auto-build and travis-tests [svx]
  • Use Plone 5 final and simplify vagrant-setup. [pbauer, fulv]
  • Rewrite chapter on relations. [pbauer]
  • Add a training on javasript. [frappel, thet]
  • Add a training theming Plone 5. [MrTango, simahawk]
  • A ton of fixes in the development-training in preparation to Ploneconf 2015 in Bucarest. [fulv]
  • Update vagrant installation to include BIOS virtualization note. [lbrannon]
  • Editing while reading. Edited Rapido chapter for language and formatting. [jean]
  • Fix a couple of duplicate labels, unmatched literal ending, typo [jean]
  • Fix code blocks that made Pygments lexer choke [jean]
  • Fix some typos, clarify some examples [jean]
  • Some exercises, draft of a new chapter on plone.restapi and some changes [tschorr]
  • Exercises for behaviors_2, fix some emphasis [tschorr]
  • Fix some typos, apply inline directives: file, Python domain, GUI, literals [jean]
  • Add Plone 5 Workflow Training [calvinhp]
  • Editing Dexterity chapters (typos, markup, some grammar) [jean]
  • Fix reST lists [davisagli]
  • Specify Python version for virtualenv using option, not command alias, as alias is not always present [jean]
  • Fix duplicate labels [jean]
  • Fix tests [gforcada]
  • Review solr docs [gforcada]

1.2.4 (2014-10-03)

  • Revision of part one for Ploneconf 2014, Bristol [smcmahon]
  • Revised for Ploneconf 2014, Bristol [pbauer, gomez]
  • Add first exercises and create css+js for expanding/collapsing the solutions [pbauer]
  • Fix local build with the rtd-Theme [pbauer]
  • Add Spanish translation. [macagua]
  • Add support for translations on transifex [macagua]

1.2.3 (2014-07-11)

1.2.2 (2014-06-01)

1.2.1 (2014-05-30)

  • Publish verbose version on [pbauer]
  • Add bash-command to copy the code from ploneconf.site_sneak to for each chapter [pbauer]
  • include vagrant-setup as zip-file [pbauer]
  • several small bug fixes [pbauer]

1.2 (2014-05-23)

  • Heavily expanded and rewritten for a training in Mai 2014 [pbauer, do3cc]
  • remove grok [pbauer]
  • use from the beginning [pbauer]
  • use plone.api [pbauer]
  • rewrite vagrant-setup [pbauer]
  • drop use of [pbauer]
  • add more chapters: Dexterity Types II: Growing up, User generated content, Programming Plone, Custom Search, Events, Using third-party behaviors, Dexterity Types III: Python, … [pbauer, do3cc]

1.1 (October 2013)

  • Revised and expanded for Ploneconf 2013, Brasilia [pbauer, do3cc]

1.0 (October, 2012)

  • First version under the title ‘Mastering Plone’ for Ploneconf 2012, Arnhem [pbauer, do3cc]

0.2 October 2011

  • Expanded as Plone-Tutorial for PyCon De 2011, Leipzig [pbauer]

0.1 (October 2009)