Amazon Web Services offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. ree to join, pay only for what you use.

Linode is an American privately owned virtual private server provider company

based in Galloway, New Jersey, United States.

DigitalOcean, Inc. is an American cloud infrastructure provider

headquartered in New York City with data centers worldwide.


A native object database for Python.


Through-The-Web, changes in the browser/


Amazon S3 - Object storage built to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere.


Network File System.

Amazon Opsworks
AWS OpsWorks is a configuration management service that uses Chef,

an automation platform that treats server configurations as code.

Ansible is an open source automation platform.

Ansible can help you with configuration management, application deployment, task automation.


A configuration management tool written in Ruby and Erlang.


AWS CloudFormation gives developers and systems administrators an way to create and manage a collection of related AWS resources, provisioning and updating them in an orderly and predictable fashion.

Travis CI

Travis CI is a hosted, distributed continuous integration service used to build and test software projects hosted at GitHub. Open source projects may be tested at no charge via


Solr a the popular, blazing-fast, open source enterprise search platform built on Apache Lucene.


The Zope Configuration Mark-up Language.


Diazo theme engine guide Diazo allows you to apply a theme contained in a static HTML web page to a dynamic website created using any server-side technology.


Dexterity, the base framework for building content types, both through-the-web and as filesystem code for Zope.

Dublin Core

The Dublin Core Schema is a small set of vocabulary terms that can be used to describe web resources (video, images, web pages, etc.), as well as physical resources such as books or CDs, and objects like artworks.

Rapido application

It contains the features you implement; it is a folder containing templates, Python code, and YAML files.


Blocks display a chunk of HTML which can be inserted in your Plone pages.


Elements are the dynamic components of your blocks. They can be input fields, buttons, or computed HTML. They can also return JSON if you call them from a JavaScript app,


A Rapido app is able to store data as records. Records are basic dictionaries.