Plone Docker Images#

For Plone 6, the community is revamping our Docker images -- and offering more base options.


Repository available at

Installs the Plone 6 default user-experience (Using the React-powered frontend: Volto).

Should be used to showcase the default Plone 6 experience, as new projects will probably implement their own Docker images (with a similar Dockerfile)


Repository available at

Installs the Plone 6 backend using a pip-based installation. This approach makes it easier to extend this image in your own project.

One example of such extension would be

FROM plone/plone-backend:6.0.0a1

RUN ./bin/pip install "pas.plugins.authomatic --use-deprecated legacy-resolver"

Please pay attention to the --use-deprecated legacy-resolver option, that is required until a upstream bug in pip is fixed.


Repository available at

Installs a ZEO database server.