13. Can I talk to the supervisor?

Miscellaneous topics that are related to Plone and WSGI but do not fit anywhere else (yet).

13.1. Install Plone using pip

The official Zope documentation provides instructions on how to install Zope with pip. It uses pip's -c option to specify a constraints.txt file that contains the version information (the known good set of package versions), similar to versions.cfg in zc.buildout. This is at the moment not possible with Plone because of a bug in z3c.autoinclude. z3c.autoinclude is not capable of resolving module paths of pip installed packages. See this pull request for some information.

13.2. Protocols other than HTTP (FTP, WebDAV, ...)

Currently there is no straightforward way for using protocols other than HTTP in a Plone WSGI setup, FTP and WebDAV being the most important ones. See https://github.com/plone/Products.CMFPlone/issues/2537.