Plone Trainings

Plone training events are a great way to expand your skills. Plus they're an excellent way to meet the community.

Content Management

How to work with content and manage site settings in Plone.

“Through-the-web” Plone customization

Create custom content types, a design for a website, layouts for homepages and content types, and custom application logic. All in the browser!.


How to style your Plone site.


How to get your Plone site up and running.

Mastering Plone Development

How to develop customized solutions with Plone 5

Plone Workflow

Controlling security and business-logic with workflows.

JavaScript For Plone Developers

How to integrate JavaScript applications and integrations into Plone in different scenarios.


Create your own site using Volto.


Building blazing-fast static websites with GatsbyJS.


Get started with React & friends.

Building Angular 4 apps using the Plone REST API

Create a static site with Angular and display contents stored in Plone and retrieved using the REST API.

Building a webframework from scratch

Build your own micro web framework in Python. It will help you to fundementally understand how common Python web frameworks work.


Migrating your site's content into a new Plone site.

Solr Integration

How to add enterprise grade search to your Plone site.