This section covers all that trainers need to know when teaching Plone Trainings.

Trainers should read Building and Checking the Quality of Documentation. These documents help trainers prepare for a successful training experience.

Using the documentation for a training#

Feel free to organize a training yourself. Please be so kind to contribute any bug fixes or enhancements you made to the documentation for your training: Contributing to Plone Training


The Mastering Plone Training is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Available documentation builds#

See Available documentation builds.

How To Give Technical Trainings#



This chapter will likely only interest you if you want to give a (Plone) technical training, it does not contain any material on Plone itself.

It's not specifically written for Plone but could be useful in giving any technical training. Hopefully it will support you for your first Plone educational experience in front of the room.

It contains feedback and 'lessons learned' from previous Plone trainings and personal experience.