27. Using Volto add-ons – Mastering Plone 6 development

27. Using Volto add-ons#

Frontend chapter

For Plone backend add-ons see chapter Extending Plone with add-on packages

27.1. Awesome Volto Add-ons#

Add-ons enrich a Volto app with specialized blocks, themes, integration of non-Volto Node packages, and more. A selection of add-ons can be found on:

Some add-ons do require a backend add-on, some do not. A backend add-on is needed for a content type or a REST API endpoint.

Two examples:

@eeacms/volto-matomo integrates Matomo with Volto sites. No backend add-on is needed. The add-on integrates the code snippet from Matomo into your pages to ping your web stats installation.

@rohberg/volto-slate-glossary adds tooltips to selected pages according a given glossary. As it depends on a permanent glossary, it communicates with the backend add-on collective.glossary. The Volto add-on provides, aside from the tooltips, a UI to edit the glossary.

27.2. Install an add-on#

Here is how you would install a Volto add-on in your app:

Add-ons that are already released on npm:

Update package.json:

"addons": [

"dependencies": {
  "@plone/volto": "8.3.0",
  "@eeacms/volto-matomo": "^2.0.9"
Add-ons that are not yet released on npm but available on Github:

Update package.json:

"addons": [

"dependencies": {
  "@plone/volto": "16.0.1",
  "@foo/volto-bar-block": "github:foo/volto-bar-block#x.y.z"

Install new add-on with yarn and restart Volto:

$ make install
$ yarn start

27.3. Complementing Volto with Plone add-ons#

With some additional features of Volto add-ons in place, where do we need to work if there is more that add-ons do not already implement? With the split of Plone in backend and frontend, the backend Plone is still the place to shape your data model. For our training story 'Platform for a Plone Conference' we need to model the content type talk. So in an earlier Content types I chapter we created a new Plone Python add-on ploneconf.site that adds the content type talk. And in chapter Volto View Component: A Default View for a "Talk" we created the view for a talk in our custom Volto add-on volto-ploneconf.