Training setup

Your computer should have the following software. Please prepare this before the training starts.


Operating System

Use recent versions of Linux or macOS.

For macOS users, also have Homebrew installed.

Windows with WSL could work as well but isn't supported at this moment.

Code Editor

  • Code editor of your choice (VSCode, Sublime, VI, Emacs)


  • Python >= 3.7

Docker & Docker Compose

Docker should be version 20.10.9 or above (Check it with docker --version)

Docker Compose should be version 1.29.2 or above (Check it with docker-compose --version)

Node and Node tools

  • Node 14, latest NPM and Yarn


External Services

Github Account

Please make sure your computer has the correct keys to your Github account

Docker Hub

  • Create an account at Docker Hub.

  • Configure your local Docker to use Docker Hub credentials with docker login

Code Repository

  • Fork the repository at to your Github account.

  • Clone the new repository to your local computer i.e.: git clone

  • Open the repository with your favorite text editor i.e.: cd training-deploy-project && code ./

  • Find all occurrences of DOCKER_HUB_USER_CHANGE_ME and replace it with your Docker Hub username