Training setup#

Your computer should have the following software. Please prepare this before the training starts.


Operating System#

Use recent versions of Linux or macOS.

For macOS users, also have Homebrew installed.

Windows with WSL could work as well but isn't supported at this moment.

Code Editor#

  • Code editor of your choice (VSCode, Sublime, VI, Emacs)


  • Python >= 3.7

Docker & Docker Compose#

Docker should be version 20.10.9 or above (Check it with docker --version)

Docker Compose should be version 1.29.2 or above (Check it with docker-compose --version)

Node and Node tools#

  • Node 14, latest NPM and Yarn


External Services#

Github Account#

Please make sure your computer has the correct keys to your Github account

Docker Hub#

  • Create an account at Docker Hub.

  • Configure your local Docker to use Docker Hub credentials with docker login

Code Repository#

  • Fork the repository at to your Github account.

  • Clone the new repository to your local computer i.e.: git clone

  • Open the repository with your favorite text editor i.e.: cd training-deploy-project && code ./

  • Find all occurrences of DOCKER_HUB_USER_CHANGE_ME and replace it with your Docker Hub username