3. Project requirements#

Our hands-on exercise is to (re)build this (to be honest a bit older) version of plone.com using Volto. This is what the page looks like:

plone.com theme

3.1. Tasks#

These are the tasks we will go through:

  • Set up CSS basics

  • Create the header and the footer

  • Create a main slider

  • Develop a view for the Success Story content type

  • Create a three-column highlights center element

We'll leave these tasks for later:

  • creating a five element row

  • showing the list of sponsors

  • developing the "prefooter"

  • showing a list of Success Story content items

3.2. Training ressources and assets#

There are a few files, mostly images, that you will need to recreate for the plone.org page. They are currently available from this Google Drive folder.