Creating Reusable Packages – Mastering Plone 5 development

Creating Reusable Packages

Creating Reusable Packages#

We already created the package much earlier.

In this part you will:

  • Build your own standalone egg.

Topics covered:

  • mr.bob

Now you are going to create a feature that is independent of the ploneconf site and can be reused in other packages.

To make the distinction clear, this is not a package from the namespace ploneconf but from starzel.

We are going to add a voting behavior.

For this we need:

  • A behavior that stores its data in annotations

  • A viewlet to present the votes

  • A bit of JavaScript

  • A bit of CSS

  • Some helper views so that the JavaScript code can communicate with Plone

We move to the src directory and again use a script called mrbob from our project's bin directory and the template from bobtemplates.plone to create the package.

If the src directory does not exist yet, create it:

mkdir src

Go inside the src folder and create the package:

cd src
$ ../bin/mrbob -O starzel.votable_behavior bobtemplates.plone:addon

We press Enter to all questions except our personal data and the Plone version. Here we enter 5.2.