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The following trainers have given trainings based on Effective Volto:

Tiberiu Ichim

I have been a web developer since the turn of the millennium, primarily as a Zope and Plone developer. That didn't stop me from working on projects with Pyramid, VueJS, Tensorflow, Django, Ruby on Rails, Linked Data and XML techologies such as XSLT and XQuery. Lately I've set everything aside to make room for Volto.

If there's one thing I can say about Volto is that I'm in awe with it and the vision of its initial designers and developers. The fact that it exists, the craziness of even thinking about starting this project with just a dream and limited resources, this is something that has my deepest respect. Sure, it may not be perfect and there's plenty to improve, but it has all the qualities that made Plone great from the start: it opens a world of possibilities that didn't exist before and most important, it's useful right now.

Víctor Fernández de Alba

Víctor is CTO at kitconcept GmbH, a Plone solution provider from Bonn, Germany. Member of the Plone Community since 2006, currently he's the Release Manager of Plone Volto and Volto Team leader. Author of a Plone book, co-author of Plone 5’s multilingual feature and its default theme Barceloneta. He is the Plone 6 Volto Release Manager, member of the Volto Team and Plone REST API contributor. He was also organizer of the Barcelona Plone Conference in 2017, sprints and other Plone events in Barcelona and Bonn and he is deeply involved in several Plone Community Teams.


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