Babel – Effective Volto – Architecture



Volto uses Babel as the tool to convert our flavour of JavaScript to one that can be loaded by the browsers. For example, we write code in JSX, which is a superset of JavaScript. Browser don't know how to interpret this code, so our bundler, Webpack will "transpile" the code with Babel to something that any browser can use.

To understand Volto's Babel configuration, read its babel.js file

By default, Babel is used to transpile only Volto source code and all its addons. Babel is not used for any other code, especially the one that lives in node_modules. This is important to understand. You may encounter a situation where you have a third-party library that's distributed as ESModule or some other flavour of JavaScript that's not compatible with the way Volto bundles the rest of the code. In this case, you'll have to instruct Babel to include that library's path in its list of processed paths, and you can do that by tweaking the webpack configuration. See the Addons webpack chapter for this.