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Volto has a pre-defined set of SVG icons from the Pastanaga UI icon system. You can find them in the code repo in here. They are also browseable in https://pastanaga.io/icons/.

The following example shows how to display one of these icons.

import addUserSVG from '@plone/volto/icons/add-user.svg';
import { Icon } from '@plone/volto/components';

<Icon name={addUserSVG} size="24px" />;


These icons are intended to be used only in the "official" Plone Pastanaga UI. Please refrain from using them on personal projects unless they are based on Plone.

Custom icons#

If you have your own svg file that you wish to load with the <Icon> component, you have to make sure you place it, in your addon or project code, in a folder called icons. So, if you have a file in src/icons/myicon.svg, you can use it like:

import { Icon } from '@plone/volto/components';
import myIconSVG from 'my-volto-addon/icons/myicon.svg';

<Icon name={myIconSVG} size="24px" />;

The icons folder is an absolute must, because otherwise it won't be loaded by Volto's svg webpack loader