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vim and neovim integration

vim and neovim integration#

For code linting and formatting, Volto relies on a working configuration of ESLint and Prettier (as an ESlint plugin). This makes it possible to integrate automated code linting and formatting in any compatible editor.

One possible way to integrate these features with Vim and NeoVim is to use the ALE.

A working Vim setup might look like this:

Plug 'w0rp/ale'


let g:ale_fixers = {
      \   'python': [
      \       'black',
      \       'isort',
      \       'trim_whitespace',
      \       'remove_trailing_lines',
      \   ],
      \   'javascript': ['eslint'],
      \   'css': ['prettier', 'stylelint'],
      \   'less': ['prettier', 'stylelint'],
      \   'json': ['prettier']

let g:ale_linters = {
      \ 'python': ['flake8'],
      \ 'javascript': ['eslint'],
      \ 'xml': ['xmllint'],
      \ 'css': ['stylelint'],
      \ 'less': ['stylelint']
      \ }

Note: you should not install eslint standalone on your computer. Volto projects automatically install it for you, and ALE will detect it in the Volto project's node_modules. Generated Volto projects also include a .eslintrc.js file in the root, so you should start Vim from the Volto project root, so that ALE will use the proper eslint and the eslint process will read the proper settings.

A short checklist for proper integration:

  • invalid imports are identified

  • missing imports, broken syntax, invalid react code is flagged

  • JSX and JavaScript code is automatically formatted, on save