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Blocks - Slider Block

Blocks - Slider Block#

The most prominent element on the page is the Slider block with some of the latest news. As you are not quite ready yet to create a dynamic or editable block create a static version with screenhsots from the original as slides. I provided these in the training ressources

We already have a basic block boilerplate from the last section. We will convert this now to a static non-configurable block that is thought as a one-off for the training.

Block view component#

Copy the slide 1-3 images from the training-resources folder to src/components/Blocks/Slider directory.

Use this markup for the block view component src/components/Blocks/slider/View.jsx. We are using the react-image-gallery library to create a simple image carousel.

import ImageGallery from 'react-image-gallery';
import Slide1Image from './slide1.png';
import Slide2Image from './slide2.png';
import Slide3Image from './slide3.png';

const View = (props) => {
  const slides = [
      original: Slide1Image,
      original: Slide2Image,
      original: Slide3Image,
  // we can't remove the nav arrows therefore we will use a workaround with empty markup
  const invisibleNav = () => {
    return <> </>;

  return (
    <div className="block slider full-width">

export default View;

We should have the slider block in the home page now. For now we will leave out how the edit component would look like for a later chapter.

Block edit#

So far th Block will only look as expected in the View mode of a page. To also see the slider in the View you can simply import the View Component of the Block into the edit and render it there:

import React from "react";
import View from "./View";

const Edit = (props) => {
  return <View {...props} />;

export default Edit;


To improve the style of the block add this to your custom.overrides:

//slider block

.block.slider .image-gallery-content .image-gallery-slide .image-gallery-image {
    max-height: none;

Now your Block should look at least very similar to the original on