3. Project requirements – Volto Hands-On

Project requirements

3. Project requirements#

Our hands-on exercise is to recreate the 2023 version of plone.org or rather a set of parts of the site that are suited to show off different ways you can customize Volto. These include

  • Theme (Footer, Header, Breadcrumbs)

  • Slider

  • Grid Listing

  • Release Announcement

The screenshot below shows the frontpage of plone.org (as of 2023 just before Plone conf) with the areas, we will recreate marked in red.

plone.org frontpage

3.1. Tasks#

These are the tasks we will go through:

  • Set up CSS basics

  • Customize the header and the footer

  • Create a static Slider that shows current Highlights from the Plone community

  • Edit your projects config

  • Create a new Block that shows an configurable logo

  • Create new listing block template to show event items in a grid like view with buttons on the side

  • Create a new View for a new content type "Plone Release"

3.2. Training ressources and assets#

There are a few files, mostly images, that you will need to recreate for the plone.org page. They are currently available from this location in github.