Preparation for the theming training – Plone 6 Classic UI Theming

Preparation for the theming training

Preparation for the theming training#

We will use the following tools during the training.

  • npm (NodeJS)

  • plonecli / bobtemplates.plone

npm / NodeJS#

Make sure you have a recent LTS-version of NodeJS >= v16.x.x

You could also use NVM to manage different versions of NodeJS.

plonecli / bobtemplates.plone#

Install plonecli with Python3, on most Linux systems this can be done by:

$ pip3 install plonecli>=2.3


Currently plonecli only supports Python 3.7-3.9, but not 3.10 yet!

This will also install bobtemplates.plone.

To update bobtemplates.plone:

$ pip3 install bobtemplates.plone --upgrade

You can check the versions of plonecli and bobtemplates.plone as follow:

$ plonecli -V
Available packages:

        plonecli : 2.3

        bobtemplates.plone: 6.0b16

Testing the setup#

To test the setup, use plonecli to create an addon:

plonecli create addon plonetheme.tester
$ cd plonetheme.tester
$ plonecli add theme_barceloneta
$ plonecli build serve

After that we have a working buildout and Plone is starting.

Now let's verify that npm/NodeJS is working fine.

$ cd src/plonetheme/tester/theme
$ npm install
$ npm run build