Diazo notes

Diazo notes#

create addon and theme#

  • plonecli create addon

  • plonecli add theme

create content#

  • add Folders with Pages, except for Products > Folder + Collection

integrate static theme#

  • download and extract theme

  • inspect CSS and JS in index.html

  • yarn install

  • npm run build

  • merge CSS in a SCSS file and register it in manifest

  • show static theme in Plone

add tinymce templates for some content sections#

add content types#

  • plonecli add content_type >> Product

  • enable name from title behavior and basic behavior

  • define CT schema: Text, Photo

  • Add some products

  • List Product in Collection

  • plonecli add view >> ProductsView for ICollection and add it in FTI

  • show title, description, text and photo in wanted markup